Science, its process and its teaching

Welcome to my website. In this site, I hope to share two of my passions: science education and science research. After having engaged in scientific research (comparative immunology and genomics) for many years, I have now moved into the area of science teaching and learning. At University, I taught courses in immunology, as well as in introductory cell and molecular biology at undergraduate level. Now, I teach science at high school. In my life, I have seen science at many levels and through many eyes. I have published more than 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts in science journals (manily in the areas of comparative immunology and genomics). When I began to teach science at University, I began to see the disjunct between the practice of science and science education. Truly, there was my own mental conception of scientific ideas, and those that were in the minds of the many students I taught. These worlds appeared to be so different that I felt that science was being spoken in many alien tongues. I worked with leading researchers in science education (e.g. the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative) and was part of the revolution in science education that is currently permeating into the educational institutions around the world today. I noticed that undergraduates’ grasp of science concepts was tenuous at best, with many misconceptions clouding their understanding of scientific knowledge. To understand this deeper, I ventured further - into the classrooms of high schools. This has transformed my ideas of how science is learnt by students at the different stages of their schooling careers. This website then is an aggregation of ideas and concepts in science education and in immunology. Once again, welcome.

Sham Nair 2014